Active Karate Training

Life Lessons and Active Training

Get your kids active in classes that are fun and will improve fitness, attitude, and most importantly, safety!

We use a "whole-child" approach to ensure that along with physical activity, students grow in focus, respect, and confidence. Leadership and responsibility are instilled as part of our training progression.

Time-Tested Methods

Drills and patterns, that can easily be practiced at home, help students to commit techniques to muscle memory and are an active alternative to screen time.

Students are taught that self defense is more than just fighting off an attacker, and that awareness and avoidance are among the best weapons we have.

Bullying, personal responsiblity, and properly using karate are regular conversations in our classes.

Time-Tested Methods
Personalized Instruction

Personalized Instruction

We understand that no two students are exactly alike. One may need an outlet for extra energy or for an alternative to video games, while another may just need a sense of belonging or a boost to self-esteem.

We aim to balance challenges and rewards, using milestones that grow with the size, maturity, and skill of each student as an individual.

Fun with a Purpose

While discipline and self-control are expectations, we're not all business in our classes.

Students will build confidence, strength, and coordination as we use fun training games and activities to sharpen skills in striking, kicking, and evasion.

Our goal is for students to have enough fun that they are motivated to persevere throughout their karate journey. We think it's awesome to see smiles on students' faces as they build resilience to push through challenges in their learning!

Karate Fun Activities




Karate begins and ends with respect.
These are the words of Gichin Funakoshi,
the man considered the father of modern-day karate. While these words were spoken over 80 years ago, we wouldn't have it any other way today!
Students in our dojo family will be treated with respect regardless of who they are, how old they are, or what they are capable of.



While karate may begin and end with respect,the majority of the space between the two is filled with steady training. Repeated practice and continual self-improvement (in and out of the dojo)
are essential to karate success.
Steady Training is aimed at each defense being second-nature so students can have confidence in their abilities to defend themselves.



Training isn't always easy, but nothing worth having ever comes without effort.
Perseverance is vital when faced with challenges during martial arts training as well as outside the dojo. Sometimes we overcome on our own, and other times we provide the encouragement to help someone else meet their goals.
No matter what, we make sure to have fun along the way!


Although any sport or physical activity has some risk involved, our instructors follow safety protocols to ensure a safe and encouraging environment for our students. We have multiple instructors supervising students at all times ensuring that students are on-task and properly performing in all activities

There have been several scientific studies to the contrary. Karate provides an outlet for excess energy, stress, and even aggression. With efforts redirected to respect, steady training, and perseverance, students of martial arts have shown marked bahavioral improvement compared to those not involved in martial arts.

Students will not need any special equipment for most activities in the class. If students are permitted by parents to participate in sparring, mouth guards and groin protection will be required to be purchased by parents. Complimentary uniforms and patches will be provided to students signed up for a second month of training. Students in their first month of classes are permitted to wear comfortable/athletic clothing.

For the first ten ranks leading to black belt, there are no testing fees or promotion fees. For black belt ranks there are fees for testing, belt production, and certification.



We currently offer classes and clinics at the Mark Russell Recreation Center.
429 Taylor Road
Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763